Tips and Tricks for Travelling

by Dr Sarah Duggan (osteopath) Have you ever thought about what sitting down (in a car, train, or aeroplane) for a prolonged period of time does to your body? Whether you’re planning your next road trip, or booking an overseas or interstate holiday, this is something to think about! Our bodies aren’t meant to be […]

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Foods That Can Break Your Gut Health

If you’re dealing with an unhappy gut, the first place to look is the food you are putting into it every day. Food can be like medicine, but some foods can cause imbalances that impact on health. Over the long-term, what you eat can cause disease. It’s important to remember that not everyone will react […]

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Probiotics And Prebiotics For Gut Health

Gut health is one of the most important factors in health. Within gut health, two nutrients are of particular interest: probiotics and prebiotics. But what are these nutrients, and how can you utilise them to your benefit? What are probiotics? Probiotics are ‘good’ micro-organisms that can populate your gut flora and benefit health. Usually they […]

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How To Create A Healthy Gut

The more we learn about the gut, the more it becomes clear that a healthy gut is the starting point for a healthy, happy life. But how can you support a healthy gut? Let’s look at some simple tips for gut health. What is the gut? The gut isn’t just your tummy or intestines. It’s […]

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Why science says to eat dark chocolate

Chocolate is a naughty little secret of many. But is it? Science says dark chocolate actually has some really good health benefits. Dark chocolate we are talking about. Not dairy or white chocolate. They are full of sugar and do not contain the best parts of the cocoa bean. It’s the dark stuff that we […]

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Chronic Pain? Have you heard of Shockwave?

Have you been suffering long term, soft tissue type pain, that never seems to go away. Perhaps your injury only affects you when you are performing physical activity. Or maybe your pain seems to go away short term, only to come back again just as soon as you get back into something you love. Dealing […]

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Foods To Limit For Your Thyroid Health

Many people are now aware of the effects that the thyroid can have on health. But if you’re dealing with thyroid concerns, it’s important to think about what you’re eating. There are a number of foods that could be making your thyroid issues worse and affecting your thyroid health. Here are some to consider. Gluten […]

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Did Your Skin Issues Start In Your Gut?

Many people think that skin issues can be fixed by finding the right cleanser or moisturiser. But the truth is that skin issues don’t start on the skin itself. They are a symptom of a deeper problem – and often, the root is in the gut. Gut flora and inflammation One of the most interesting […]

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6 Foods That Support Thyroid Health 

It used to be relatively unheard of, but today, thyroid disease is on the rise. The thyroid gland is sensitive to many factors in modern society, including chemicals, stress and low nutrient levels. The good news is, you can start supporting your thyroid today, simply by making good food choices. These are a few of […]

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