Hip Pain

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The hip is a large joint which connects your trunk and pelvis to your legs, and as a result is constantly being worked. It is surrounded by a large amount of muscles and is a perfect example of how the body does not work in isolation, but as part of a whole. When assessing and treating a hip complaint, the team at Total Balance Healthcare will look not only at the hip joint but your knee, ankle and foot, pelvis and spine.

Some causes of hip pain may include;

  • muscular strains
  • bursitis
  • insufficient flexibility
  • muscle weakness and poor activation
  • impingement
  • ligament sprains
  • intracapsular structures
  • degeneration
  • arthritis

In addition to complaints specific to the hip, pain may be arising from disc injury or pelvic disorders, and identifying these causes will help provide the most optimal care for you.

As the hip is so commonly used in everyday and sporting events, identifying appropriate management plans and rehabilitation programs specific to your lifestyle and desired activities will be of high priority to our osteopaths and we look forward to working with you to provide the best care.


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