Knee Pain

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Knee pain has many degrees and causes of pain with additional public awareness due to the high incidence in sporting arenas.

This public awareness often creates people thinking the trauma in their knee is far greater than the actual pathology. Sports-people will always fear the worst anticipating that a reconstruction and months away from sport has occurred and our older generation will fear their knee has worn out to the point of soon replacement!

Despite the high incidence of knee trauma from falls and collisions most knee pain is due to altered joint and muscle mechanics particularly of the patellofemoral (knee cap) joint.

If the patella is not sliding evenly over the knee joint, pain particularly with squatting, walking up and down stairs and running is highly likely to occur. This is usually a gradual occurrence and explains why people may experience episodes of pain after these activities.

We will determine the cause of your knee pain and most importantly help you correct the mechanics of your knee allowing you to move around with confidence and comfort.

Other causes of knee pain will also need to be investigated. These include:

  • cartilage tears
  • ligament tears

On reviewing your knee and your pain, a thorough assessment will determine the cause of your pain. We may need to refer you to a medical specialist for some of these conditions which will be discussed and explained in your consultation.


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