Simmone completed her Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University during five years of full time study. Her masters project involved looking into the effectiveness of compression garments on exercise recovery, thus demonstrating her interest in the sporting field. Simmone’s commitment to continuing professional development has included further study to become a qualified Dry Needling Practitioner and Pilates instructor with her ability to use these skills along with other manual therapies as part of her treatment.

Simmone has a keen interest in treating chronic, long standing problems where she can provide relief to those who have struggled for lengthy periods of time. Additionally she has a keen interest in treating neck pain and associated headaches in conjunction with women’s health, particularly pregnancy related low back and pelvic pain.

She treats each patient as an individual and adjusts her treatment according to their specific needs. Simmone is also a strong advocate in providing her patients with the skills to promote their own health and well-being through diet, ergonomic advice and rehabilitation exercises in order to gain long-term relief.

Simmone is a member of the Osteopathy Australia.