After completing year 12, Lachlan had a clear idea of what he wanted to pursue as a career. Coming from a medical background in which both of his parents are doctors, he knew was that he wanted to move into the medical field and fulfil his desire to help people. He found the world of osteopathy and instantly grew a passion for the profession.

Since starting his education at RMIT, Lachlan has worked in several sporting fields including VFL. The most notable being the osteopath of the umpires association of the VFL, with which he continues to work with.

Lachlan Chisholm completed his Masters in Osteopathy at RMIT. Whilst finishing his studies Lachlan gained qualification to become a registered practitioner in dry needling. His aim is to provide an individually tailored treatment plan with a mixture of structural techniques coupled with more gentle techniques in order to achieve the best possible results. Rehabilitation and active participation from patients will be encouraged throughout the treatments so as to prolong the positive effect of treatment and reduce the risk of complaint reoccurrence. Lachlan’s main goal is to try and create a balance between the therapeutic benefits of osteopathic treatment and the body’s ability to heal itself.

In his spare time Lachlan can be found in the park having a kick of a round or oval ball, or in the heart of Melbourne searching for new and interesting venues to eat and drink or taking a trip to Leongatha to visit his folks.