Simone is a Clinical Myotherapist who graduated from the Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy at Southern School of Natural Therapies in 2018. She was driven to expand her knowledge and skills following on from her studies in remedial massage. Simone has over 8 years of clinical experience and brings together her hands on skills with her passion for understanding how the body works, to get to the bottom of your problems.
In her spare time Simone loves being active; walking, running, swimming or participating in a local gym class – you name it! This love for activity has driven her main passion in helping you achieve your goals. Whether that be doing your first fun run, higher level sporting achievements or just being able to walk the dog pain-free, Simone understands that these hobbies are important parts of who we are and therefore strives to get you back to them as soon as possible.
Simone practices under the biopsychosocial model of health which encompasses physical, psychological and social wellbeing. Simone will help you understand how all of these factors combine together to influence how you respond to pain and injury, and therefore the best way to help you recover. Her treatments include soft tissue techniques, dry needling, movement-based therapy, exercise prescription and education about pain and load management.
Simone is a member of Myotherapy Association Australia.