Have you recently been referred for an XRay or a scan such as an ultrasound, CT scan or an MRI. Your GP may have sent you. Or your osteo. There are 3 things that can happen after a scan.

You did see something on your scan. It may have shown some changes. Age-related degeneration. Disc bulge. Ligament tear.

On the flip side, it may have shown you nothing. Donuts. Zilch.

OR, something did show on your scan but that is not where your pain is…. now what?!?

The answer is the same for all results. Why did you get the scan in the first place? It is usually because of pain. If you saw something on your scan, that MAY be the cause of your pain, but it also may not be the cause of your pain. If you saw nothing on your scan, there is something causing you pain. Either way, it is the same.

We can help you with the pain that caused you to get your scan. We can also read the scan and gain a good understanding as to why you feel this pain.

We will investigate the reasons of why- this is super important. We will use our skills for your specific injury. This may include manual treatment, some specific rehabilitation exercises and any changes that need to be made to remove or modify your aggravating factors- another super important step. If we don’t address your aggravating factors, the problem will keep coming back.

So, if you have a scan, follow up with one of our osteopaths. This will ensure a full, thorough examination is completed with a management plan in place- giving you the best chance to feeling your best.


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This blog post is an educational tool only.  It is not a replacement for medical advice from a registered and qualified doctor or health professional.

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