Osteopaths and a Naturopath -we make people feel better

At Total Balance we get it. We get your pain, your injury, your condition. With a collective 32+ years experience (wow!!!) we have the expertise and the experience to explore and find the real cause of your condition to ensure you get long term results. It is all about you and we listen. We listen and then place the pieces of your puzzle together to get your full picture. It’s all about you and getting the best results for you.

Meet The Team


Osteopathy & Naturopathy is what we do.

We use evidence and results-based treatment techniques and options to achieve your best outcome and get you back doing what you want to do.

We may be able to help you with a variety of conditions and ailments. It’s all about finding the core of the problem and addressing it. That’s where we find the pieces of your puzzle and place them together. Helping you find your Total Balance.


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