If you feel like you need to improve your diet and nutrition and are not sure where to start... have a guided approach with a nutritionist may be the best way to get long-lasting changes.

Nutrition is an everyday essential. Let's get it working for your wellness.

What is a Clinical Nutritionist

Clinical nutritionists use a holistic approach to healing, taking into consideration the whole person, mind, body and soul. This approach is evidence-informed, meaning research findings and traditional medicine knowledge are combined to inform treatments plans. They provide advice on matters relating to food and how it impacts on health. Nutritionists can design, coordinate, implement and evaluate population health interventions that are designed to improve health and wellbeing through food and nutrition.

What do we use as a clinical nutritionist to help you?

  • Thorough history taking

    We collect all of the pieces of the puzzle around your health, your health history and your goals. This allows us to guide you with the best nutrition choices.

  • Alternatives Guide

    Collaborating with you, we can guide you and encourage better or different nutrition choices to help you achieve your goal.

  • Nutritional Supplementation

    If you have presented with pathology showing any nutritional deficiencies, we can guide you to the most appropriate nutritional supplementation to combine with your nutrition choices.

  • You and your goals and tastes!

    There is no value in guiding you with food choices that you just don’t like. Finding out what you like and marrying that into a management plan that is achievable.

  • Food Education

    Teaching you about the value of certain foods and food groups and how they can help your condition or help you to reach your goal.

What can I expect during my first consultation?

Your first consultation will take approximately 45 minutes.

We extensively investigate your health history and place the pieces of the puzzle together with the best-matched nutrition choices for you.

Our approach allows us to thoroughly gain a clinical picture of you and your history and gain insight into your condition.

We talk to you and devise the most appropriate treatment plan.

We regularly communicate with your other healthcare providers allowing a multi-dimensional approach to your care optimizing your health and wellbeing.We use many tests and movements as past of our examination. This allows us to gain further clues into your clinical picture…. ensuring we have all the information and can formulate the best path to health for you.

Which conditions does a clinical nutrutionist best help?

 A clinical nutritionist works with you to help you eat a balanced diet that is in line with the Australian dietary guidelines. We can provide nutrition advice on what a person should eat and implement changes that are in line with the guidelines.

Which conditions can’t we help?

A nutritionist is not qualified to provide medical advice or medical nutrition therapy. This is the role of a dietitian.

There also may be a time that your clinical nutritionist will refer you immediately to your doctor.


We are trained practitioners and fully understand what we can and can not treat. If we detect a condition that requires medical attention, we will refer you promptly.

Want to see our Clinical Nutritionist?

Want to see our Clinical Nutritionist?

To book an appointment in Chelsea Heights, you can book online or you can call us on (03) 9773 8085.

If you’re a private health insurance holder, ask our reception team whether you’re eligible to receive a subsidized consultation price.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us! We are here to help 🙂

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